Taking a treatment break…

Hi All, As I have made this whole process public I wanted to update everyone that I am taking a bit of a treatment break at the moment… Life is a little tricky right now and I have struck out with trying to find a good local dentist to maintain my attachments etc to keep up my Invisalign.

I am still wearing my aligners every night, as a minimum, and often have them in for 16-20 hours a day anyway.

I will be coming back to this very soon so use the blog posts I have put up and watch this space for the end result in the not too distant future!



Broken tooth, new scans and updated comparison pics – I have been busy!

I finally made the 1,600km trek down to Melbourne this week and visited Dr John & the team at Freedom Dental.

I chipped the surface off my back right tooth again last week (the same one that fell apart last year if you recall). I safely kept the piece that came off in milk to keep it in good condition but, because I am an airhead sometimes, it stayed in my fridge when I flew down to Melbourne. Good job me!

Dr John decided that the best way to repair it was to dig out the filling that made up the core of the tooth, clean it up and replace the bulk of the tooth as a filling. Some happy gas and two needles later he was able to get the job done with only a few groans of horror from me and did a very neat job of it – it needed almost no adjustment to fit my bite. After we was done and I was left drooling from the complete numbness of the right side of my face he cut that tooth section off my aligner so I could put it back in.

Luckily the rest of my mouth was still intact – no other fillings or work needed and the temporary corner of my front tooth is holding up better than expected. He did earmark one tooth that will need to be checked next time I have an X-ray but it is nothing too concerning at this stage.

We got onto the topic of my Invisalign treatment and Dr John told me exactly what I feared & expected, that even though there are only 2 aligners left we are not quite there yet.

Off to the itero I went for yet another darn rescan. I am so used to the process now that my fear and the pain (from the cold air on my sensitive teeth) seems silly now. Here is a look at that scan – I apologise for the quality but shot it quickly on my phone from the screen beside me

My page looked lonely…

I haven’t posted in a while and the reason is… I haven’t had much to say.

Having moved interstate away from my dentist has completely destroyed my treatment schedule as I paused for a while when I lost a key attachment. I tried having someone local reattach it but hated every second in his chair, especially when the attachment came off 3 times before I even left his office.

I have now had the attachment reapplied and have 8 aligners left in this refinement series and feel I am so close to being finished that I can almost see it!

I promise to update this again soon, when I’m either done or when something changes….

Chat soon!


Light at the end of the tunnel!

It has definitely been a while since I posted as I really had to break out of the funk I was in. Moving state was really challenging and not being able to pop into my dentist as needed really bothered me.

I actually lost one of my key attachments and it stalled my whole treatment as we didn’t have a current enough attachment template. Once they were able to order it for me & post it to me in Brisbane I then couldn’t find anyone to apply the attachment for a reasonable price (it’s free with my dentist). The timing ended up working so that I was able to travel down to Melbourne to get it all fixed up.

The timing also worked out to fix my back tooth after I broke it a few weeks ago!! My lower right back tooth is mostly filling after a very large repair a few years ago and a piece of the remaining tooth front cracked off!


I ended up keeping the piece safe and wearing my lower aligner to eat to make sure I didn’t get anything stuck in the cracks. That was super fun. I absolutely hate eating with my aligners in as it feels gross! It also means my aligner was quite stained which was annoying.

After 2 weeks of that fun I finally made it down to Melbourne and my favourite Dentist came in on his day off to help me out!! We talked about my options for repairing that tooth and collectively decided that it will need a full repair and maybe even a crown. If we were to do that now I would need to rescan for Invisalign as the tooth will be a different shape. So to ensure I can finish my treatment we decided to simply stick the piece back on!! It’s more technical than that I know but that’s what we did!! We will just have to see how it goes in the short term – I can’t really floss against the broken edge as its not quite flush but it should last me a few weeks.

WHICH IS ALL I HAVE LEFT OF MY INVISALIGN!!! (In theory!) I am now going to get through the remaining 5 aligners of this series in the 5 weeks until I am in Melbourne next and hopefully everything progresses well enough that we can put a lasting repair on that tooth then scan for my retainer!!!!!

I honestly can’t wait!! I feel like I have been stuck in this journey without end for a while now but the light has definitely appeared at the end! So, wish me luck!

Here are a few comparison pics just because I have new ones!!


This first one is the front on view, the top pic is just before I started Invisalign and the bottom is my teeth now – WOW!!


This second pic is of the side where the tooth has come forward (my right) showing when I started on top, 12 months in then last week! The difference is astounding!

I’m sooooooooooo close!!

Until Next Time!


The Invisalign CBF’s

I posted online last week asking, begging even, for blog post ideas after a bad case of writers block. The truth though is that I don’t have writers block, I have a bad case of CBF. Invisalign CBF.

For those who don’t know the term, CBF is the acronym of choice for the lazy condition of “Can’t be f***ed”.

I’m not going to be brutally honest now so if you are looking for happiness & sparkles please look elsewhere. I’m sorry in advance.

I’m in a funk. I know I am still making progress and I am still super glad to be doing this and I’m even really happy with the comparison shots I took recently (I will post them at the end of this drivel). I just can’t be bothered, with any of it. I have stopped putting my aligners back in after meals and I am currently topping out at about 14-16 hours a day which is obviously terrible. There is really no excuse for this as I am in a fantastic new job where I could easily brush my teeth after eating but I have gotten into the habit of snacking and just don’t want to put the darn aligners back in. Instead of my scheduled 5 day aligner changes I am currently rotating them at 10-14 days to make up for the missed hours during the day but I’m reasonably sure my movement is starting to lag behind, I will have to wait and see in another tray or two.

I’m not going to re-read any of this post because then I will just edit and re-write it and I have always promised to be completely honest. sorry again for the drivel – I’m not actually feeling sorry for myself or anything, its just literally CBF.

Anywho…… Here’s the comparison pics that I put together a few weeks ago, these are pre treatment on top and the bottom is refinement aligner 2.6 (Sept 2014 – April 2016)…





I’m going to go brush my teeth now and stop being a sook!

Until next time!


Moving Interstate Presents Invisalign Challenges

So this was a few weeks of fun!

My husband was offered an amazing opportunity within his company so we moved from Melbourne, Victoria to Brisbane, Queensland (1,660 Kilometers, 1,030 Miles, 18 hours’ drive, 2 hours flight……) you get the idea here – it’s a long way.

In addition to the challenges of packing and moving all our things, leaving our friends and me finding a new job I also had to contend with moving away from my dentist! As Invisalign is arranged & paid for through a specific provider it is not practical to change to a different provider and to do so would mean I need to pay all over again and explain all my personal needs, preferences and idiosyncrasies. I have worked up a great relationship with my dentist and his team and they have a thorough understanding of everything that I need from the fact that I am more comfortable with a higher percentage of oxygen in my medical gas to the specific colour of my attachments.

After a sketchy childhood dental history I, like many people, developed a fear of going to the dentist. To add to this I have always had extremely sensitive teeth that are prone to holes. Prior to getting my Invisalign I had to have some extensive fillings work done including removing and correcting some of the ones I already had from over the years. I will need more work done before I finish my Invisalign and afterwards will at least need a root canal in the tooth that became infected last year. All of this makes me very concerned about finding a new dentist closer to my new home.

So, on to the rookie mistake I made when moving house. As I said in my last post, I moved house immediately after working over sixty hours in four days. Because of this I was not on my A game when everything was being packed – including the Invisalign drawer in my bathroom. Thanks to this stunning oversight I had no access to either my next sets of aligners or my retainer brite! Between the packing of the truck, transit of our belongings on the train, then having to find not only the right box but the specific contents within that box it was another 2 weeks before I got to my new aligners which made it almost four weeks that I had the one set in mouth – with no retainer brite!

I coped alright through the month as I was extra careful about cleaning the aligners in particular. I was also a little more relaxed about wear time, though that was a natural consequence of living out of a suitcase for a few weeks. I managed to get to the end of this with only a light staining to the aligners, it wasn’t noticeable to anyone else (I asked to be safe) but I could see it when the aligners were against a white surface. I have seen many people discuss that their aligners get a foul taste & significant discolouration but I have never had these issues.

So it has been a big few weeks and after all that I need to find a new dentist, or do I? Given that I have all of my friends in Melbourne and my Husband will be travelling there regularly for work so I am lucky that I will be back there in a few weeks. I will need some of my attachments cleaned up and re-applied and will also check in to make sure I am on track. Thankfully this means I have deferred the issue of finding a new dentist for now though I will need to come up with a plan soon no doubt.

I’m off to explore my new hometown this weekend so will hopefully have more tales to tell soon.

Until next time!